image A.D.I.R.E./A.D.R.D.E. aims to develop a resource centre with the goal of providing assistance by taking advancement of all possible intellectual, financial and technical means as well as computer and media technoloy ; this, in addition to research and study undertaken by the research engineers.

A.D.I.R.E./A.D.R.D.E. also intends to meet up with and to enter into dialogue with a whole variety of individuals, and organisations, whether private or public who will be in a position to provide possible intellectual, financial technical computer or media-base support for the benefit of research and design engineers.

Finally A.D.I.R.E./A.D.R.D.E.s goal is to defend the interest of research and design engineers as a profession as well as all those potential backers of A.D.I.R.E./A.D.R.D.E.

E-Mail: info@adire.us

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